Saturday, July 19, 2008

Urban Horticulture

Our small garden:
Tomatoes, squash, and lettuce.

Kelly enjoying the garden.
This is such a beautiful time of year in Seattle that I thought I would share some pictures of it with everyone. This year Kelly and I have attempted to plant a small (emphasis on small) garden in our "yard". We have a 3' x 4' section for vegetables where we planted tomatoes, squash and 2 types of lettuce. Obviously we had to get a little creative in order to grow that many plants in our tiny space. It turns out that you can grow all of those plants on trellis. Well, except the lettuce, but that doesn't take too much space anyway. I was outside checking on the plants today and I noticed that we have our first squash and a few tomato buds. With any luck we'll soon have a bountiful harvest. Maybe we'll have a big harvest festival with square dancing in the near future.


ashley said...

I love your little patio and garden. My tomatoes aren't doing so well this year, it's been cold. Sugar snap peas also grow on a trellis and are easy to grow.

Bop said...

I'm pissed our tomato plant won't grow. Never purchase produce seedlings from Home Depot!

Beep said...

Actually it was Lowes. But don't buy plants from there either!

I think your yard looks great!