Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Celebrating Christmas

Here are a few pictures of Miles celebrating his first Christmas season.
On December 5th everyone puts one shoe out in hopes that St. Nicolas will come and fill their shoe with treats and/or prizes. This year, St. Nicolas left Miles some pear yogurt. He was thrilled.

Miles posing in front of the Christmas tree. It took putting the camera on action shots and bribing Miles with an ornament to get this photo.

I think Miles wants a laptop for Christmas. We opened up our old laptop for him to play with.

Catching up on Thanksgiving

I never caught everyone up on my Turkey Trot run. It was a drizzly cold morning, but we went out anyway. I decided to listen to Bon Jovi for my run. I told myself I needed to run for 9 songs to finish. I paced myself well and things were going great until song number 7. I thought, "there is no way I can keep running for three more songs", so I stopped to walk, but then I heard cheering and figured I must be close to the finish line so I started to run again. I finished the race in just over 7 Bon Jovi songs. Even though I didn't run the entire race, I still consider it a victory because I signed up, trained, and ran most of it.

The rest of the Thanksgiving day was very nice. Steve's sister Jennifer came to visit and we had Thanksgiving Dinner with our friends. As it was Miles' first Thanksgiving, I gave him bits of dinner to try. He had turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, and stuffing and he loved all of it. Here are some pictures.

Another thing Miles and Scooter can bond over. Turkey
Miles had to wear his pig bib for the big day

Everything was beautiful and delicious.