Thursday, July 10, 2008

Confessions of a Metro Bus Rider

Riding the bus to work everyday leads to some interesting and someimes unsettling experiences. So I have decided to started this ongoing post where we can share our favorite bus stories.
I'll start us off....
About 4 years ago Kelly and I were taking the No. 358 (aka the Halfway House Express) to downtown for a Saturday of fun when we watched in horror as a rather sickly looking man sneezed and coughed a very productive cough into his hand and then smeared it all over the seat. Disgusting!!!


Bop said...

I took the #8 from WaMu Tower up to Broadway on Capital Hill. A homeless person got on the bus in the ride free zone, went to the back of the bus, squatted down and took what we later found out to be a dump. Within a few minutes you could smell hot pooh on the bus. 90% of the people got off the bus and walked the rest of the way.

dawnawanna said...

And you want me to ride the bus from your place to Harborview?

Steve said...

I took the #8 from my office in downtown up to Capital Hill. I think there was a couple concieving their first child in the back of the bus.

Not all Seattle buses are like that. The routes with single digit numbers are the worst, though.

In my experience the routes to avoid are:
#1-takes too long, too many stops
#8-see above
#7-runs the length of B-way, always entertaining
#49-runs between Downtown and Universty via Capital Hill (see #7)
#358-see original post
and all trolly buses, they are too slow and don't have air conditioning.

PJMcD said...

I saw a wasted native american gals pants fall to the floor as she exited the bus. I wished I had two flaming pencils to jab into my eyes cuz both my eyes offended me. I actually threw up a my mouth.

Beep said...

It didn't happen on the bus, but I think it still counts. I was minding my own business reading my book, our bus stopped at Lenora on 1st ave and I happened to look up and out my window to see a man sucking on a chicken bone. It was quite disgusting. I looked away just as he was throwing the bone into the street. When I looked up again I saw to my horror that after this man ate, he decide it was time to free himself from his clothing. He had just pulled off his shirt and was now pulling his pants off. I quickly looked away but not soon enough to see that he didn't have any underwear to contend with.


ashley said...

Patrick used to ride the bus between the seattle courthouse area and Seattle U, right on the route to Harborview. Once he saw a man peeing on the bus, another time a guy threw a glass bottle at him, then there are the miscellaneous talking-to-themselves, profanity, and drug taking, all on the bus of course.