Tuesday, September 16, 2008

IT'S A BOY!!!!

Here is the profile

Here is one of his feet. He doesn't have 18 toes, he is just wiggling.

Here is his face. I know, it looks creepy.

Steve and I went to our first ultrasound today to see a little boy wiggling and moving and punching and sucking. At least, that is what the radiologist was saying. I couldn't really see anything. I did count 5 fingers on each hand though and he does have a spine, two legs and two arms, and feet. Here is our first baby picture.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sewing is Fun

Last night I bought a new sewing machine at Costco. It is the most exciting thing ever. It's a Singer Model 4661. It comes with 10 different feet, it does 60 different stitches including 5 different button holes. You can set the speed to sew fast or slow (or something in between). It has a start/stop button on the machine so you don't have to hook up the presser foot if you don't want to. It has a contraption to thread the needle for you. You can set it so the needle stops in the down position or the up position. The best part is, it only cost $179.99. For all of you looking for a fun new sewing machine, I highly recommend this.

If anyone would like my old sewing machine, which is not nearly as exciting, let me know and I will give it to you free of charge.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Practice for Paris

Jennfier & Kelly at Crepe Cafe
The Mathletes at Crepe Cafe

The funny crosswalk guy in Vancouver, BC.

My sister and her husband visited us for a quick Labor Day weekend. We love it when people come out to visit becuase it's a good excuse to finally do all those touristy things we rarely do. Of course we checked out the Olympic Sculpture Park-my new favorite thing about Seattle, ate a lot of food, and walked all over the place.

After dropping the Brother-in-Law off at the airport we drove up to Vancouver, BC. Kelly and I love Vancouver, and if a certain ultra-conservative candidate and his sidekick are elected in November we may be moving up there.

Anyway, I digress. Sure, you can argue that Canada is basically the U.S., but their signs are in French and English. Plus, you have to show a passport and go through customs to get there. We practiced our French by reading the signs and pretending to order our crepes in French. Well, when I say "we" practiced, I really mean that "I" practiced my French. Jennifer and Kelly didn't seem interested in playing my bi-lingual games.

We stopped and had lunch at our favorite crepe place on Robson Street. Kelly ordered the most amazing Nutella and coconut crepe, while Jennifer and I had the banana and Nutella version. Besides crepes, we did a lot of window shopping in Yaletown and Robson. Unfortunatley, the US dollar isn't what it used to be against the Canadian dollar, so it wasn't the usual bargain shopping extravaganza that we're used to in Vancouver.

Kelly and I had a great time with Jennifer and Brad. We love having family visit and showing them our beautiful corner of the world.