Saturday, July 19, 2008


I think Kelly and I had our first brush with reality TV fame tonight. As we were entering Meridian 16 downtown to see Momma Mia (i'll review that later) we ran into Bryce from Project Runway Season 5 (he's from Seattle). I am sure most of you won't care, but in my office Project Runway is bigger than the Superbowl. In fact, I doubt anyone in my office could tell you who played in the last Superbowl, but we could give you a run down of all 4 of the past PR winners. By the way, there is a PR Season 5 contestant from SLC so you Utahns should be interested.

Anyway, on to Momma Mia. It was good. It started out as really, really, really lame. But once you finally come to grip with the fact that you're watching a musical based on ABBA songs, you realize that you shouldn't expect a cinematic masterpiece and the movie gets to be funny. Meryl Streep was the saving grace in the movie, without her it would have been an unbearable 2 hours of horrible scripting and awkwardly placed music. Pierce Bronson was just wierd, James Bond isn't supposed to break out in song, especially an ABBA song. Anyway, if you're an ABBA fan (and who isn't) you should check it out. Although, Kelly says the actual broadway musical is better.

OK, off to bed. We're going raspberry picking should be fun.


Bop said...

I have no idea who played in the SuperHawks Bowl last year, but I am still irritated that Geoffrey won PR3 a few years back with his disgusting gothic women's wear. That whole show is rigged.

My latest reality addiction is "Wipeout." Why is it always funny when people get seriously hurt on TV? We both were laughing hysterically last night.

Beep said...

I think we'll make it a renter. I'm with Kelly in that I can't believe it would be as good as on Broadway.