Sunday, January 24, 2010

Climbing Stairs

Miles has not started walking yet, but he can climb stairs.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Miles learns to feed himself

Miles will be moving to the next class at daycare soon (he turns 1 in a little over one month) so I have been working all week on getting him to feed himself. Tonight he ate risotto. Then I thought I would give him a break and feed him his dessert which is always yogurt with fruit. Tonight I cut up banana and put it in the yogurt. I guess he has grasped the "feeding himself" thing because he did not like to be fed the bananas. Instead he did this.

YEAH Christmas is over, here are family photos

We got our pictures taken professionally by Jeramie Shoda in November so that we could create some awesome Christmas presents for our parents. Here are just of few pictures from the shoot. I have to say, I have a good looking family.

Christmas..A whirlwind of activity

On Christmas Eve, the cousins re-enacted the nativity to remind us all why we celebrate Christmas. Miles got to play the part of the baby Jesus

Looks like the elves delivered pajamas right before bed

Miles had a crazy Christmas morning

Here we are at my sister's house celebrating Christmas with my family
All I can say is it was a busy day and Miles didn't know what to think of it all, but it was fun to spend his first Christmas with family.

Catching up...Bellevue Botanical Gardens

We went with friends to the Bellevue Botanical Gardens on the Sunday before Christmas. Here, they turn lights into flowers, trees, and animals. It was awesome.

Scary...An Alligator!!

Steve and Miles bask in the glow of a very well lit tree

A landscape of flowers with a fountain

Look...a peacock, just like Miles at Halloween