Monday, July 7, 2008

A Brief Introduction to Scooter: A Cat

Name: Scooter le Chat
Age: 6 (we think)
Place of Birth: Seattle
Length: 3-feet from tip-to-tip
Fur Pattern: tan and black tabby
Favorite pastimes: climbing over Kelly and manipulating Steve, begging to go outside
Favorite nap location: a fresh pile of clean laundry


dawnawanna said...


Beep said...

Don't forget to mention licking Kelly's hair as a favorite snack!

Bop said...

And being Miss Kelly's "Sous Chef!"

Steve said...

I also forgot to mention that another favorite Scooter past time is taking long meandering walks on his leash.

Lizzy said...

How did you get the first pose?

Lizzy said...

Sorry...I meant the second pose.

Steve said...

The 2nd pose is Scooter trying to catch a toy.