Friday, February 6, 2009

Fun with an iron

Kelly and I picked up a Sukie iron-on book a few months ago and we finally decided to use it. We couldn't sleep tonight, so we thought we would take the oppurtunity to decorate some onesies for the little Mathlete. This is what our lives have turned into: baby crafts at midnight.

Lil Mathlete is now officially late since his due date was Wednesday, the 4th. We've decided that he must have inherited my lack of punctuality. I guess we have waited 9 months already, so a few more days shouldn't be a big deal.


Emma said...

Those iron-ons are so cute!

Holly said...

How cute! I love that you guys made a little neighborhood for him. Sorry you can't sleep, hopefully the little guy will make an appearance soon...wait, I guess that will mean even less sleep :)

Liz said...

Baby crafts at midnight. Holy moly, who would have guessed? Kelly - I hope you are at the hospital (or wherever you are doing the birth) pronto holding your fabulous new mathlete!