Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I have crafty friends and family

With one week left until our little mathlete's due date, I have been given a couple baby showers and I am amazed at the talent that surrounds me. Here are some pictures of the beautiful handmade gifts that await baby boy.

Beautiful quilt from Steve's mother

Another quilt from Steve's mother. This one shows off her amazing embroidery work.

Sarah knitted this blanket for our little boy

These were made by my friend's daughter. She was so excited about the shower she wore her outfit to bed the night before to make sure she got it right.

Annie knitted me a stuffed penguin and included books about penguins.

Gwen knitted some warm and fuzzy hats for baby's little head.

Holly designed invitations for the shower she gave me and then embroidered the bum of a
couple onesies with the same bird. So cute!


Cailean said...

Handmade/homemade gifts are definitely the best! I still remember the creator of each baby blanket/gift we received for each of our kids. We are so excited for you guys :)

Holly said...

I LOVE the multi-color quilt your mother-in-law made!

Dan said...

Lots of cute stuff for baby boy. Have you nailed down a name yet?

Steve said...

I think we have decided on a name, but you'll have to wait to hear it. Everything could change once we meet him

A million thanks to Dan & Holly for all the time and energy that went into Kelly's baby shower.

Annie J. said...

I was also amazed at the craftiness of your friends and family at your shower. I don't even think I can compare my craftiness to Steve's mom...she wins the prize.

kristina said...

Are we there yet?!?
- the horribly rude long-distance-friend

Anonymous said...

I love the penguin! very cute with the books. And of course I'm partial to the quilts, my mom always makes the most beautiful quilts. And I wanted to fly to Seattle from Utah for the baby shower just because the invites were so cute, so great job Holly! Baby Jones is coming into the world well loved.
Jen (Steve's sister)