Sunday, January 4, 2009

Nursery/Office is nearly finished

This weekend, Steve and I spent the majority of our time fixing up the second bedroom for the baby and for Steve's sister who will be staying with us (it might make it more difficult to fix up the nursery once she is here). Here are a few pictures of our progress. Keep in mind, the rocking chair has not come yet, but we did clear a space for it.

Here is the crib integrated with the office

Steve made this bench and cover.

We love this sheep mobile

This is the rocking chair that will be placed in the nursery/office.


dawnawanna said...

Can I sleep in the crib until the baby arrives?

Steve said... but you can help keep scooter out of it.

Dan said...

Does Scooter get a special mobile as well?

Holly said...

This looks perfect for the little tyke! Great job you guys!

Ashley said...

Looks great! Can I hire you guys as decorators for us?