Monday, October 27, 2008

Jury Duty

I have been summoned to jury duty. I always think it sounds exciting and a great opportunity to participate in a part of the system that makes this country great, but every time I get a summons, I groan. This one begins December 22nd. Thank goodness I'm not leaving town for Christmas.


Holly said...

I guess it's not so bad. Are you going to Seattle or Kent? That really makes all the difference. If Kent, take your mace on the bus and make sure you have a good book or two while waiting to be selected.

Irvine Engineer said...

Thank goodness? Are
you a slave of the
state, doing whatever
you're told?

Jurors are volunteers
not conscripts. You
can ignore their

ashley said...

I just got summoned too! But I already served this summer so I'm thinking I can get out of it. I actually had a good time being on a jury. The guy was so guilty!

WendyJ said...

Somehow I always seem to get out of it. I'm sure they'll get me someday.

Cute bag in your previous post. You could probably fit the baby in the bag if needed.