Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Green means go

I have a fascination with street signs. I really love crosswalk signs. I don't know why, but that's who I am. Here's a sample from France. This one is walking up stairs. Appropriate since you are probably going to be walking up stairs in France.

I love the perspective composition on this one. How crazy..
This one tells you to stay within the crosswalk lines. How clever.
Your typical Paris walking sign.

So far, the French have the most creative crosswalk signs I have seen. Although, Vancouver, BC, has some pretty good ones too. My favorite, though, are the old ones in the former East Germany.


Cailean said...

Kooky stuff like that is awesome. My Dad visited France a little bit ago and brought home the coolest placemats from McDonalds (cartoons) and The Little Prince on food containers!!!

ashley said...

I remember really loving the ones in Berlin too. When we got back, Patrick found a little keychain that was the walk guy from the East Germany crosswalk signs and gave it to me. I wonder where that is...

BrianJ said...

I am fascinated with warning signs on machinery and electrical equipment. Some of them are quite graphic; e.g., on a lawn mower I saw a sticker depicting a person's hand partially severed (do not touch!). I'll start a collection someday.