Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bad pants in France

So, one thing Steve and I did while in France is we documented all the bad pants we saw (if we could covertly get a picture) while in France. Here are our findings.

This guy doesn't have horrible pants (just short red shorts), but check out the mustache on the guy in the beret.

It's only fair that if I do a post on ugly pants, I include one of myself. Personally, I think these pants are great. They are roomy, long enough to be modest, and they have a bunch of pockets. Steve finds them completely unflattering.


dawnawanna said...

Is that corn on the cob on the pants? I'm not sure which are worse, corn on the cob pants or jungle pants in the first picture.

Ketchesons said...

ok, I just came across your blog (no more of I don't have time for anything ;-( )
I need to take a trip to France, those are AWESOME!!!

Holly said...

I love the pants! That was a major highlight of the trip!

BrianJ said...

You've convinced me to grow a stache and buy all my pants at Goodwill.