Tuesday, November 4, 2008

An Historic Night

What a night it has been. Anyone who knows Kelly and me, knows that we are HUGE Obama supporters. So, we are extremely pleased by tonight's election result. I think our country finally began to repair our standing with the rest of the world.

We just elected our first African-American president and I couldn't be prouder of it. Barrack Obama will be a great leader and I am excited to see where he takes our country.


Kelly said...

This means we won't have to move to Canada YEAH!!!

Holly said...

I'm glad you guys can stay in this country. We too are very pleased. And I do have to say, McCain did a really good job with his concession speech. I was pleasantly surprised.

Dan said...

For as much as I did not agree with the McCain campaign or Republican approach at all, I too was impressed with McCain's concession speech to Obama. The best possible result for this country to get "fixed" is for bipartisan governance. The infighting between the major powers is really counterproductive to getting anything done, and will always be an issue with our political system.

As for the local race, I was extremely disappointed in how arrogant Gregoire and Rossi were. Both were extremely conceited in how they come across to people and their insane ad tactics. Yes, Gregoire kept her seat, and Rossi would have been a COMPLETE disaster, but in my opinion they both are disasters for this state. WA state will have a tough time during the next four years.

Mike Jones said...

It was the first time I voted for a Democrat in a national race. I liked the way Obama reasons about problems (or least how it came through in his speeches).

Plus Palin scared me. I thought she'd mature into a national-level candidate. I won't vote for someone for VP who can't name 2 newspapers they read regularly.