Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Live from Denver, it's Monday Night...

Ok, so I'm not in Denver, but I did watch the beginning of the Democratic National Convention last night. I took 2 things away from last night's speeches.

1. Michelle Obama gave an amazing, emotional, and moving speech. You can watch it here:
I don't understand how the Republicans have managed to paint the Obamas as "elitist snobs". The Obamas come from very humble roots and worked their up to where they are now. Why is that a bad thing? I thought we are supposed to look up to people like that, not trash them for success.

2. I was impressed the the Dems didn't come out swinging and attacking John McCain. A stark contrast to how I am sure the GOP convention will be next week. The Dems could have started their convention by trashing and bashing, but they didn't. Instead, they focused on the commons values of all Americans. I am sure that as the week progresses the Dems will be more aggressive towards McCain, but it was a nice start to the Convention.

Seriously, if you haven't seen Michelle Obama's speech, you need to watch it. It was amazingly simple, well said, and inspirational.

Only 3 more nights of DNC fun. Tonight's main event: Hillary Clinton...should be "interesting".

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Beep said...

I saw part of it and was very impressed as well. I was kind of shocked when I heard the commentary after from analysts saying it was a wasted day for the democratic convention. They felt they should have come out swinging at Bush and McCain during prime-time and saved the emotive speeches for earlier or later in the day. I totally disagreed, it was exactly what I needed to hear.