Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Cat Days of Summer

Scooter and Milo (the neighbors' cat) enjoying each other and the heat.

Most of our non-Seattle readers will roll their eyes at this, but Seattlites are weather whimps, so just let me complain for a minute. It has been really hot and humid here lately. I don't think we have broken any local weather records, but it has been miserable. The worst part is riding the hot, sticky, stinky, sweaty, over-croweded bus at the end of a long day in a hot "air-conditioned" office.

We have had heat waves like this before, and it's days like today that make me appreciate our stereotypical Seattle weather so I know it won't last. It wouldn't be so bad, but it doesn't cool down at night and our house isn't air conditioned (no one in Seattle has a/c at home) so our house stays a pleasant 78-80 degrees.

Just think, soon we'll be complaining that we haven't seen the sun in 9 weeks.

Like I said, we're weather whimps.


PJMcD said...

The key to staying cool at home is #1 Buy a hurricane fan,#2 try not to move around, once you achieve that catatonic pose it's not so bad. Or you can just say heck with it and go to the movies.

Bop said...

I'm a TOTAL Weather Wuss...!

Beep said...

I hate even worse when the bus that is equipped with air conditioning doesn't turn it on and your left sweating on the way to work. Why do I even bother getting ready in the morning? However, my office has finally gotten to a temp that I like, of course it is too cold for the rest of the women wearing spaghetti straps but what do I care?