Monday, October 4, 2010


After a super crazy week, we met up with friends and their family for a weekend in Leavenworth. What an awesome time we had.

Steve and Miles took a cow ride. If you look close, you will see that Steve's knees are poking out. He had a great time.

Did you ever see Muppets from Space when the evil guy says to his bear helper "Hand me the remote" and the bear says, "The goat?" That's what this reminds me of.

If you look in the back of this picture, you will see a freakishly small cow. It was insane.

Miles didn't even like the pretend animals in the petting zoo

Steve is showing Miles that it's okay to feed a sheep. What you don't hear is Steve asking the sheep to please not use his tongue when eating out of his hand.

Finally, Miles found something he loved at the farm. A small shopping cart.

Downtown Leavenworth. It was about 80 degrees and Steve didn't pack shorts. Therefore, he fashioned some manprees.

This picture made me laugh out loud. Miles is clearly hot and tired.

After a full day, Miles finally warmed up to the dog Rocky. It was so fun watching him interact with a dog. Here he is trying to feed Rocky.

On Sunday, we went to the beach. Once again, Steve sports manprees. More than once on this trip we had role reversal where I said, "You are not wearing that" and Steve said "but its comfortable".


Belkycita said...

"please strange sheep don't use your tongue with this dish"

I do like his pants though, something you would see in Barcelona ;-)

Emma said...

Funny! Miles is so adorable!

liz j said...

That IS a freakishly small cow.

Miles has the greatest grin!

Fromagette said...

Wow, it is great so see how fast Miles is growing up! And I loved the manprees. :)

dawnawanna said...

I love the bear in Muppets from Space.

Holly said...

Looks like a lot of fun!
The manprees are horrifying.