Sunday, October 31, 2010

Childrens' Museum

I was downloading pictures off the camera to post pictures of Miles trick-or-treating and I realized I haven't posted anything on the blog in awhile. Here we are at the Children's Museum on the advice of a friend. I think Miles had a good time, but I think we will wait a few years before we take him again. We didn't get to spend any time in half the museum because Miles (meaning Steve and I) got tired.

They had a special Clifford the Big Red Dog exhibit. Miles liked the purple poodle.

He was a little afraid of Clifford though.

I was glad we went in October. This pumpkin is HUUUGGGEEE!!

We found one of those bikes that teach little kids how to balance without pedaling before they get to an actual bike so Miles took it for a spin. Later, I wondered if it was part of the museum or privately owned since it was parked near stroller parking. Oh well.

Since Miles rides the bus every day we thought he might enjoy driving one.

He seems to be a friendly bus driver as he mingles with his clients.

Here he is grocery shopping.

Here he is checking out the fish he chose to buy.


Elise said...

I can't believe how big Miles is! Seeing Miles drive that bus brought back memories of a little Gavin in the same seat - it's been a few years already . . . Enjoy!

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