Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Combatting the Heat

This week in Seattle has brought nothing but hot weather. It has been in the 90's all week and it is supposed to hit 100 degrees today. This weather trend is predicted to last through next Monday. The nights are not cooling off at all either. So I want to know. What is everyone doing to beat the heat? Here are a few things Steve and I are doing.
  1. Go to work, it's air conditioned
  2. Drinking a lot of ice water and cold beverages
  3. Running fans (though it doesn't work very well since the air outside is hot too)
  4. Driving the air conditioned car to a park and ride with covered parking and an air conditioned bus
  5. Last night I sewed up some rice pouches and froze them. I thought if rice can hold heat, can they hold cold? It worked all right.
  6. In the past, Steve and I have purchased a block of ice and set it in front of a fan as a makeshift airconditioning unit.
  7. Sleep in Miles room. He has a window airconditioner

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Holly said...

I have been putting fans in the window at night, then getting a cold, wet wash cloth and putting it on my forehead/eyes. Each time I flip it over it is nice and cold from the fans. I'm also eating my fair share of popsicles but am thinking to switching to frozen grapes.