Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A bad day that turned out allright

This morning I was enjoying my sleep when I thought to look at the time. To my surprise, the time was 6:25 am. Twenty five minutes later than I usually get up for work. I bolt out of bed to get ready. Thankfully, I packed my lunch the night before, Scooter didn't get to snuggle this morning, no time for that. I had to iron a shirt though and Miles woke up before I was ready.

Miraculously, I made it out of the door with baby in his carrier, being fed, in 20 minutes. I was feeling pretty good about myself. I made it to the bus stop in time to catch the early bus. I guess I wasn't going to be late to work afterall. Then I discovered I didn't have my bus pass. I had to run back home, get my bus pass and run back to the bus stop. I missed my early bus, but another one was on its way and Miles was nearly done eating.

After getting downtown, dropping Miles off, and getting in to work late, I was immediately bombarded with several MUST DO NOW tasks and was finding it very difficult to keep everything straight, everyone happy, and get everything done. It was a pretty rough morning.

Amazingly, by lunch time, nearly everything was resolved. I walked over to visit Miles and he was playing with one of his teachers and very happy. I played with him for a few minutes and then took him back to daycare so I could go back to work. On my walk back I passed a vendor passing out free vitamin water. I got back to my desk and the rest of the "must do" tasks had resolved themselves and even a few that weren't "must do" were coming together. Today was looking not so bad afterall.

Finally, the best news I've heard all day, Steve is on his way back from Portland. I won't have to be a single mom anymore. I don't know how my bad day turned good could get any better.

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LizzyP said...

I was so tense for you as you started that post. And I'm much relieved that it turned out well and that you didn't have to hold that "running-late" tension in your body all day--I had that back-aching, neck-tighening stress.