Monday, March 23, 2009

Update on our lives

I guess it has been awhile since one of us last posted. Since then, family has come and gone and I am on my third week of caring for an infant on my own during the day. I'm pleased to say that he is still alive. Since birth, he has grown two inches and gained nearly three pounds. Here are some pictures.
Miles is learning to hold his head up
This picture looks like he is caught in a psychadelic prison

Here are the shoes I made for Miles. They finally fit.

This is right after a bath. Notice the formula drool. Miles loves to be messy


LizzyP said...

Can I be the first to say "Wow!" Look what you're doing! And you're obviously finding reasons to smile in the process. He's just perfect. I hope he doesn't cry as much as our first did, but if he does video record him whenever he cries and edit it together later--I promise you'll laugh a lot later when he watches it by your side.

Holly said...

Oh my, that baby prison shot is so funny! He looks a little drunk in the last photo...Are you preparing him young for life of crime?

Dan said...

Funny! Glad to see you are all alive, and doing well.

Larissa said...

Cute pictures. Wow, he's growing fast! I'm glad you're surviving on your own!

dawnawanna said...

So cute! Wish I was there now! Hope you're having fun.

Ashley said...

Those are fantastic pictures!! What a cute cute baby. Good job keeping him alive. :)