Sunday, December 19, 2010

Miles meets Santa

I forgot to post this earlier. This is Miles' first time meeting Santa. We were waiting in line and Miles kept calling him Satan. Miles also calls the Christmas Tree the "Gimme Tee". His stocking is "tockin".

So, we are thinking of not really talking about Santa to Miles. I don't really want that to be the focus of the holiday and want to instead emphasize the celebration of the birth of Christ. Any thoughts?


Belkycita said...

Oh he looks so scared :-(

We never talked about him much, if the girls saw him they got excited but I believe they did because everyone else did. We never told them their gifts were from Santa. We actually do three gifts (just like the Savior) so that helps talk more about the spiritual aspect of it.
Now that we live in Muslim country they decided they want to believe, but a little girl told them it wasn't true. So I had to tell them how it originated and then we agreed to believe because it was fun but still presents come from us.

They didn't react as sad as I thought they would, I guess they never really "believed"

Cailean said...

Miles' picture is my fav in that album of photos from the party. I say follow your heart. We wanted nothing to do with Santa and didn't teach Elizabeth about him but she somehow caught on from other kids, so we played along a little....then she taught Julia and Julia taught little Elijah. Then we instituted St. Nicholas Day instead when Elijah was 3. Lucy has not been taught about Santa at all and did not know who the heck that big red guy was at the Christmas party. It was kind of funny.

Amy said...

An interesting article:

dawnawanna said...

I don't really like the Santa thing either. I prefer not to make a big deal about it, but Kent loves Santa... I think I've decided that it only lasts a few years and Leah seems to understand the real purpose of Christmas. It's hard because all the kids at school are really into Santa.

We do St. Nicholas day as well (just a candy bar in the shoe)because I lived in Germany as a kid.