Monday, August 9, 2010

Peaches in Hibiscus Syrup

I recently purchased a book called Urban Pantry. My friend Christa and I decided to make one of the recipes in the book called peaches in Hibiscus Syrup. Below are our adventures.

Here we are in the process. Peaches in the foreground are being peeled and put into a lemon water bath so as not to discolor. I am at the stove filling jars with peaches that I have just cooked in a hibiscus simple syrup.

Here is Christa showing the fruits of our labor. In the right hand is a bottle of peaches. In the left, we also canned the hibiscus syrup. Yummers!

Here is a close up of the peaches. The hibiscus syrup was pink which adds a beautiful hue to the peaches in the jars.

Christa and I with the finished product.

Oh, and Steve helped out by making labels for our beautiful jars


Elise said...

Very impressive! Love those labels, and the fruit is gorgeous.

mc said...

You two ladies make for one hot kitchen! :)